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Brick Contractor in Hamilton, ON

Brick Contractor

Rod is a master bricklayer and stone mason who provides excellent workmanship and professional customer service. Our goal is to leave every customer with a very positive and memorable experience. When it comes to outdoor construction and brickwork, it’s important that all features and structures are made with excellent workmanship in order to enhance a property’s appearance and potentially increase its value. This is especially true for the face of your property, which is the first thing that visitors will see.

Bricks are a common material that has been used for paving and it always gives your home a beautiful look. For brick patios, Rod O'Quinn’s masonry contractor can easily help you with your brick landscaping needs. Our brick contractors know how to handle all varieties of brick. We’re also knowledgeable in the different methods like mortared and dry lay. We have a vast experience at installing them perfectly and we will guide you on the process of our work. If you require brick repair for any installation in your home, we can deliver. This includes chimney repair. We offer superior craftsmanship and highly professional service for all your masonry needs. Our business strives to maintain a reputation of the highest standard in masonry work and with excellent customer service.

If you’re looking for gorgeous brickwork for your home, contact Rod O'Quinn. We are experts in masonry and we always leave each job very clean and completed with the highest standard. We proudly offer our brick contractor services to residents across the Hamilton, ON area.

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